Four Cousins ‘Skinny’ WINE Range – Your Low Calorie Mate

Lebbie Musavaya

“I do love my wine. I would opt to drink my calories rather than eat them every time, so I cut out the bread, potatoes, pastas, cheeses and desserts in an effort to get my healthy angel and unhealthy demon to compromise” – Rachel Nichols


As a wine lover, I have reached a point in my fulfilling life where everyday is a day worth having a glass of wine. My love for wine has become a life style. I am not an exercise freak, but I will proudly say I have found my balance in wine, exercise and food. One of the biggest no no’s, I get from fitness instructors is alcohol-related. I am sure wine lovers out there who are exercise driven, will agree with me. I am not a fitness instructor, and neither am I a nutrition specialist, but to find my balance, I made a personal decision to do everything in moderation and voilà, my food, wine and exercise equation is complete.

The month of April steps out of the ordinary zone because of ‘the world’s most beautiful marathon,’ Two Oceans. Now in its forty-eighth year running, it’s the 56km Ultra Marathon that towers in the lime light of this event. My fellow Zimbabwean runners, choose not to be left out, with several runners having confirmed their attendance. Having been a part of some of these long and exhausting training sessions, most of my evenings were gratified by a deliberately chosen ‘Skinny’ wine.

Bull Red Distribution are the distributors of Van Loveren wines, popularly known for the Four Cousins wine range and several other brands, including the ‘Skinny’ range of low calorie, low alcohol wines endorsed by Weigh-Less Weight Management in South Africa.

According to, a 175ml glass of low alcohol wine has about 80 calories in comparison to 159 calories for the same size glass of wine with 13% alcohol. From me to you wine lovers’, you now have an option of drinking easy, guilt-free wines, conveniently screw-capped for your enjoyment, of course, in conjunction with a low-kilojoule diet.

Take your pick of sparkling wines to get your palates tickled in anticipation for a glass of low kilojoule wine. Perhaps the sparkling wine can serve as a reminder and a wine transition on how our ‘usual’ glass of wine is no different in taste to a low calorie wine, except, finding a new best friend in low calorie wines.

Four Cousins Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (Brut)

A dry white wine with a fizz to add an instant sparkle, this light bubbly will leave wine lovers feeling fruit infused and refreshed. It has a pleasant indulgence that will easily tame a wine lover’s palate.

Four Cousins Red Sparkling Wine

This red bubbly full of floral flavours and ripe red fruits, smothered with a trickle of honey, will burst onto your palate with sweet fizzy flavours, leaving the sweet- palate wine lover in you savouring a moment of pure luxury.

Bubbles have a special way of getting palates into a wine mood. Three wines, low in alcohol and low in Kilojoules will take the centre stage of your life and wine. One, two, three wine, let ‘Skinny’ journey begin.

Four Cousins Skinny White

This 100% Sémillon based white wine is a wine lover’s delight. Unlock the secret of this delicate and light wine by chilling it very well (7-10 deg). Its herbaceous and green fruit flavours confirm its classification as the ‘Green Grape’ in South Africa. This wine is a wine lover’s treat with 9 % alcohol and an easy-drinking style.

Four Cousins Skinny Red

Put your feet up with this red Merlot, low in alcohol and easy-peasy drinking style. Chill it down to between 10 and 13 degrees and this Skinny Merlot will be your answer to a glass of red wine at mid-day, every day. With no tannins, this red wine filled with ripe red fruit flavours, will relax you and pleasantly surprise your palate.

Four Cousins Skinny Rosé

This inviting pink wine, well chilled, made from 100% red Muscadel grapes will jazz up the excitement in your ‘Skinny’ journey. With a bowl full of strawberries and sweet cherries, infused with a floral aroma, it’s a perfect all day everyday wine. Pink is fancy and fancy is tasty, in this semi-sweet wine.

Wine lovers, you have an exciting option of ‘skinninising’ your wine days, not once, but a three-way option. Whether you are an easy chilled white wine lover, dry chilled fruity red surprise or a sweetness filled musky aroma of pink fun, there is a Skinny place for everyone to sip. Wine is a lifestyle. Add a glass of low kilojoule Four Cousins Skinny wine and discover all things light, pleasant and easy…everyday. Until next month, wine lovers, it is cheers to the brave ultra marathon runners and calorie counting with wine.

The Four Cousins Skinny range of wines can be found in Spar, Pick N Pay, Bon Marche and Horizon Ivato.

NOTE: This article first appeared in The Standard Style, a lifestyle magazine in The Standard, Zimbabwe

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