Apr 11, 2017

A Graham Beck Valentine – Say It With WINE

“Say it with sign language, say it with flowers, say it your way, and I’ll say it with wine. The journey of every love story, is marked with Cupid’s halo of three magical words…I love you” – Lebbie Hanyire

Everyday is an occasion. Our life journeys are marked with special occasions, and it’s when we mark these special days with a celebration of some sort, that we call them ‘special occasions.” It is Valentine’s, a day celebrated far and wide with the use of one common ‘language’, the language of love. With love in the air, and the spirit of mutual affection soaring, it’s easy to join the ‘caravan of love.’

A ‘bubbly’, put simply, is a wine with bubbles. This wine is in the range of wines known as ‘sparkling’ wines. We often find ourselves finding it easier to call them ‘Champagne’, but unless we’re in France, we cannot use that name. In South Africa, sparkling wines made in the same method as Champagne, are called Methode Cap Classique (MCC).

The world renowned and award winning, South African Cap Classique range from Graham Beck, offers the new palate, the wine enthusiast and the wine connoisseur, a sophistication, of sheer pleasure filled with a burst full of bubbles, celebrated chitchat, slowly turning to hushed tones and eventually disappearing. With six different ‘bubblies’, known to have elegantly toasted remarkable events, say ‘I love you’, this Valentine’s with Graham Beck.

Graham Beck Brut NV (Non-vintage)
A dry sparkling wine, with a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this fresh bubbly, full of lime on the nose, has a rich creamy palate that affirms it being a choice at two presidential celebrations, Nelson Mandel and Barrack Obama.

Graham Beck Brut Rose NV (Non-vintage) and Graham Beck Brut Rose Vintage
Both delectable with a touch of pink, it’s a Cap Classique for those who appreciate the finer things in life, especially ‘fizz with flair.” With an equal amount of chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this lively berry burst bubbly is the perfect ‘crowd pleaser.’

Graham Beck Blanc De Blancs
This exciting 100% Chardonnay bubbly lives up to its name with an elaborate finish, by scooping the most awards, the world over, for the best fermented sparkling wine. Princess Madeline from Sweden chose this ‘bubbly’ for her wedding feast in June 2013.

Graham Beck Brut Zero
This ‘bubbly’ is characterised by minimal sugar. This natural yet austere dry wine of Chardonnay and a small percentage of Pinot Noir make for a pleasant palate.

Graham Beck Bliss Demi-Sec
For the sweeter palate, this demi-sec will beautifully add a sparkle to life’s sweeter occasion. This easy to adore bubbly of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir will caress your palate and leave you asking for me.

Graham Beck Cuvee Clive
Although made in small quantities, it’s Graham Beck’s icon bubbly, made in small quantities. Only the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are selected and used, making it the only bubbly comparable to top Champagnes in France.

With something for everyone this Valentine, Graham Beck will lift your spirits, light the flame and create that warmth in your relationship. Turn down the lights, take the flutes out and “taste the stars.” With bubbles in my glass, it’s Happy Valentine’s day wine lovers.

Graham Beck ‘bubblies’ and wines, distributed by La Distra Brut, are available for purchase locally in selected outlets.

Pictures courtesy of La Distra Brut

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NOTE: This article first appeared in The Standard Style, a lifestyle magazine in The Standard, Zimbabwe

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